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Quoth Miguel de Icaza, an open source hero from the 1990s and 2000s:

While I had Macs at Novell (to support Mono on MacOS), it would take a couple of years before I used a Mac regularly. In some vacation to Brazil around 2008 or so, I decided to only take the Mac for the trip and learn to live with the OS as a user, not just as a developer.

Computing-wise that three week vacation turned out to be very relaxing. Machine would suspend and resume without problem, WiFi just worked, audio did not stop working, I spend three weeks without having to recompile the kernel to adjust this or that, nor fighting the video drivers, or deal with the bizarre and random speed degradation that my ThinkPad suffered.

This matches my own experience. I dislike the feeling of vendor lock-in that comes with using a MacBook Pro, and I disagree with Miguel on WiFi "just working" - it fails on my MBP more often than I'd like. I also don't like the expense. But mostly, the MBP has been Desktop UNIX that Just Works, which is pretty much what I paid for. I can even run EVE Online easily on my MBP, which puts it light years ahead of any Linux desktop.

Linux on a server is pretty much a slam dunk; just install Debian and let it ride. But for a desktop, I definitely prefer Mac OSX. Here's hoping that Apple doesn't destroy it....

Date: 2013-03-06 01:15 am (UTC)
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I dislike that creature..from personal experience (referring to the former ximian hero..:P) ..but I'll agree to his assessment as I, too, use a macbook air for work, even though I'd rather use ubuntu...and it just mostly works.


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