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Remember how Thomas Friedman helped lie us into the Iraq war? Who could forget?

Mr. Friedman has a new theory about the Iraq war. According to him, it's too early to judge what a fiasco the Iraq war was. In fact, according to Friedman, we should wait 20 years (or 40 Friedman units) to judge the war.

I would argue, on the contrary and considering how consistently wrong he and the other neocons have been about Iraq, that the smart thing to do is to go ahead and judge it - and him - right now.
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Q: So I turned on my radio, which is tuned to KPOJ, and instead of Carl in the Morning I have this Fox Sports bullshit. What the fuck?

A: Yes, I thought you might wonder about that. What happened is that KPOJ changed its format from Liberal Talk to Sport Talk at about 6PM Friday night (Nov. 9th). No more Carl Wolfson, no more Ed Schultz, no more Thom Hartmann, no more Randi Rhodes, and so on.

Q: This must be some kind of outlandish conspiracy to silence liberal voices!!!

A: So, to my mind, the answer to this is "it wouldn't surprise me." KPOJ management claims that the station had bad ratings, but that's hardly surprising considering the lack of promotional effort in recent years. And, the conventional wisdom in the radio world is that political talk is a toxic format and that conservative or progressive listeners aren't as valuable as alumni or sports fan listeners....but you can still get Glenn Beck in this town.

Nonetheless, an equally likely hypothesis is that they really wanted to turn KPOJ into the voice of Oregon State University football. OSU isn't the powerhouse that Oregon is, but they have a lot of rabid alums, and those rabid alums are a prime target for advertising dollars. They're also not likely to abide political talk of any stripe.

My best guess? They wanted Oregon State fans AND to kill off the progressive talk experiment, and decided to kill two birds with one stone. They timed it to occur after the election thinking it would add insult to injury, and after Romney lost they shrugged and went ahead anyway.

Q: So what can we do about it?

A: There's a petition drive to restore the progressive format and give Carl his job back; it has a few hundred signatures. I've signed it myself. Nonetheless, my best guess is that the petition will be ignored by Clear Channel.

A better move might be to lobby the owners of AM 910 to change their format to liberal talk. Right now that station is just a feed of KNRK. That station's been flailing around for the better part of a decade, and it's possible that the owners might consider a move to progressive talk as a step up from the current format for 910. There's no organized lobbying effort underway yet, as far as I know.

Q: What do I listen to in the meantime?

A: Whatever the hell you want. Clear Channel's decision indubitably leaves Portland worse off, but there's still conservative talk, sports talk, and boring music. Personally I've changed my preset to AM 750 because they carry Ducks football. Randi Rhodes and Ed Schultz are available via podcast. Pandora offers streaming music so that you can get hard rock in a town with no hard rock station. If your thing is the gibbering voice of the qlippoth, there's KBOO. There's still public broadcasting.

Last and IMO least, you can keep listening to KPOJ - you know, Fox Sports. Yeah, right.
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One thing I learned fast in politics is that if your opponents, particularly Republican opponents, don't have real dirt on you, they will go to great lengths to manufacture fake dirt. This is precisely what I believe is going on with the Anthony Weiner incident.

The incident, we are told, went something like this: Congressman Weiner, a liberal firebrand from New York, friended one Gennette Cordova on Twitter. He then sent Cordova a photo of his penis, which was immediately seen by a right-wing stooge and then forwarded to blogger Andrew Breitbart, who then repeated the story to the national media. It would appear, from this, that Weiner has some explaining to do. Right?

Well, not really. In fact, I think it's Andrew Breitbart who has some explaining to do. Consider the following:

  • Both Weiner and Gennette Cordova flatly deny that Weiner sent her the photo. Weiner is adamant about this; the media are trying to make hay because he can't say for sure whether it's a photo of him, which could be for any number of reasons; but he clearly denies having sent it.

    Cordova, for her part, says:

    The account that these tweets were sent from was familiar to me; this person had harassed me many times after the Congressman followed me on Twitter a month or so ago. Since I had dealt with this person and his cohorts before I assumed that the tweet and the picture were their latest attempts at defaming the Congressman and harassing his supporters. (source)

  • The photo itself, which can be seen here (borderline NSFW; no nudity), doesn't show the face...or the penis...or for that matter, any other clearly distinguishing characteristics. In fact, I challenge you to tell me that this is unmistakably a crotch shot.

  • As for how this might have happened to come from Weiner's account, I and [ profile] flavobean both personally witnessed someone build a Twitter account that looked almost exactly identical to Charlie Sheen's account. Notice how the capital I closely resembles the lower case l. This is a common social engineering trick that's been used on me more than once (unsuccessfully). Unsurprisingly, similar fakes are relatively common.

  • Which brings us to Andrew Breitbart (2) himself. Breitbart is not the most honest player ever, and in fact is being sued for defaming former Department of Agriculture official Shirley Sherrod. He did this by selectively editing a video tape of Sherrod to make her sound racist; this cost her her job, and in all likelihood it will cost Breitbart a great deal of money.

Given the questionable evidence supporting Breitbart's story, Weiner's denial, the victim denying being a victim of anything but a media feeding frenzy, and Breitbart's history, I think we have a plausible theory as to what happened here. Put simply, someone created a fake Weiner account and sent Cordova this photo, took a screencap, and sent this to Breitbart in an attempt to smear Weiner. We can fault Weiner for not handling this better, but ultimately, this is Breitbart facilitating a smear job, and I believe, knowingly so. If Cordova is smart, she will lawyer up and go after Breitbart and/or his toadies for pain and suffering.

Now: ask yourself why the media didn't look more closely at this story before reporting it. Why aren't they running Breitbart out on a rail?
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Ah, the Wall Street Journal. News Corp hasn't changed you a bit. One of today's headlines (sorry, link breaks things):

Dems Show Centrists the Door

Moderate Rep. Jane Harman resigns from Congress and the DLC suspends operations—more signs that the Democratic Party apparently has decided to stay the course.

So, three observations here.

  • Did anyone notice that the Tea Party kicking out less-than-zealous members of the GOP last year didn't get similar headlines in the WSJ?

  • Is it really the Democrats fault that Jane Harman isn't sticking around in a district for which she is too conservative?

  • And all that said, does anyone else feel all tingly inside that the DLC is done? Because I know I am!

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Keith Olbermann responds to Ted Koppell, and wins.

And with that, I’m going to call it a night.

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Just go here. And try not to let the stupid drive you to suicide.

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From this editorial in Investor's Business Daily:

People such as scientist Stephen Hawking wouldn't have a chance in the U.K., where the National Health Service would say the life of this brilliant man, because of his physical handicaps, is essentially worthless.

By the way: not only did someone actually write that, but it got past the editors and other staff at IBD.
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You can watch the whole episode as it aired last night here. However, the episode contains an edited version of the interview, which ran over time somewhat badly. You can watch the whole interview in three parts at

Again: how pathetic is it that it takes a comedy show to do this kind of reporting?
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Cramer vs. Stewart, Chicago Tribune, Screen Shot Cramer vs. Stewart, Chicago Tribune, Screen Shot
The video isn't on YouTube or yet, but you can read about it on the Chicago Tribune website where it was featured as the main headline.

How pathetic is it that the hardest-hitting journalism today is found on Comedy Central?

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The color-commentator so-called "talent:"

"He doesn't dial up, he goes WIFI on those last two plays!"




The hell?!?

In any case, congrats to the Cornhuskers.
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The US attacked Syria last night, killing eight and wounding fourteen, before apparently returning to bases in Iraq.

The Iranian media now claims that Syria has threatened action against US and Iraqi puppet government forces if this happens again.

Meanwhile, our own media are busy chasing whatever chew toy Drudge throws at them. Idiots.
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The Onion has the full story here. As usual, their satire is dead on.

Oh yes, I'll admit that it's sad and pathetic that this is the coverage that the potential future President is receiving -- but the fact is, crap like that Entertainment Tonight piece (of which the above is a spoof) is going to be what wins the election. It's just part of Living The Kali Yuga.
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In a shocking act of actual journalism, CBS News not only reported the latest Clinton campaign lie, but went on to discuss (1) that it is a lie, and (2) why it's a lie.

The lie, in this case, is the claim that Senator Clinton is ahead in "every poll.". Of course, it's total BS by several measures, and CBS discusses why in some detail.

I swear, if this keeps up, I might not have to do their jobs for them anymore.
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If the media were really balanced, this would destroy McCain's campaign. One of his major fundraisers in Michigan not only raises money for Hezbollah -- you know, the Islamist group engaged in a decades-long guerilla war with Israel -- but is apparently known to be one of their most important agents in the United States.

Of course, McCain fired his ass, and the polite media are probably going to ignore it. But think if this guy were working for Obama. What would that do to his campaign? I'll tell you what it would do: it would blow up every racist stereotype with which the GOP is trying to label him. But, since it's McCain's problem, all that it means is that McCain exhibits the same terrible judgement that we saw from Bush. And that story doesn't sell cookies.
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McCain doesn't eat pizza like a New Yorker!




Yeah, I don't give a shit either.


Sep. 18th, 2007 08:41 pm
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OK, so the guy who got tasered at John Kerry's speech? The guy's a professional prankster. You can see his websites here and here.

Looks like America got punked!
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1) The Internet is filled with stories of a revolutionary photon drive that could get us to Mars in less than a week. The source for this story: press releases from the company making the engine.

2) The major newspapers and the other traditional media are making a big deal out of having 5900 troops "home by Christmas." Never mind that this "withdrawal" was inevitable unless the President wants to extend deployments to 18 months or institute a draft. Never mind, either, that the President essentially told us, last night, that he intends for us to be in Iraq for another decade. You know, because we were "successful."

The next time the traditional media want to put down the Internet, just remember: they're as susceptible to uncritical acceptance of hype as we are.
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AP, ABC, and pretty much everyone is reporting this story: The Drunk is going to announce a pullout of 30,000 troops, no doubt to much fanfare and media fawning. He's going to ring as much positive press out of this as he humanly can.

But notice what this story doesn't report: that the President pretty much has to do this anyway. It's either that, or extend the troop deployments to 18 months. That's 18 months in Iraq followed by a year at home -- for as long as they can extend you. Or, start a draft. Either of these last two options would give the next three elections to the Democrats.

It's not like the media is unaware of this, by the way. Anderson Cooper discussed it on yesterday's show. Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Peter Pace said as much at his confirmation hearing. Joseph Biden mentioned it this morning during the Bush Report hearings. John Edwards, for his part, likens it to the President taking credit for gravity. Kos talked about this on Hardball yesterday, and went one further -- pointing out that the forced removal of 30,000 troops means that the surge's time is up, and that it's failed.

And yet -- not a peep of this on the AP, ABC, NBC, CBS.

Thanks, guys. Real informative.

By the way -- Keith Olbermann points out that Petraeus's own testimony is that we're pulling out 30,000 troops after we send 30,000 more troops to replace them.

Carry on!

Update If you need to chill out, check this out. It's like Britney with more clothes, more talent, and actual singing.
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Does it seem to anyone else like the people reporting on Bush's report to Congress just wrote their stories from the Watergate bar sometime yesterday morning?

Take, for example, this AP story, with the headline, "Petraeus's Credibility Wins Bush Extra Time for Iraq Strategy":

General David Petraeus's four-star credibility has bought President George W. Bush more time to pursue his military offensive in Iraq.

The testimony yesterday of the U.S. commander in Iraq, along with that of U.S. Ambassador Ryan Crocker, resonated with the two groups of lawmakers whose support Bush needs to keep his strategy going: wavering Republicans and a small band of supportive Democrats.

Republican Senator John Warner of Virginia, who last month called on Bush to begin withdrawing some troops by the end of the year, called Petraeus's testimony ``powerful, compelling and credible.'' Warner is a former chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Representative Jim Marshall of Georgia, one of 10 House Democrats to vote in July against setting a timeline for withdrawal, called Petraeus's testimony ``powerful and persuasive.'' And Senator Ben Nelson, a Nebraska Democrat, also said after the testimony that he remained opposed to a congressionally mandated pullout.

Right, so you have two Bush apologists and a hawk all saying that they've all come to their foregone conclusions after hearing Petraeus's testimony. So what? This isn't news, this is celebrity reporting. As for whether Petraeus's testimony bought the Bush administration any room whatsoever, we can't (and therefore won't) know that until after Congress votes on what to do next. There's certainly no reason why we should think he's credible after he got it so wrong the last time he was before Congress.

Meanwhile, we still have the basic fact that the so-called surge has largely failed to meet its objectives. Petraeus and the other Bush apologists blame this on the Iraqis, mostly because it's easier than blaming it on a Constitution that Bush's people wrote and that doesn't work. And a recent poll (PDF) has 50% of Shi'ites, and 93% of Sunnis, supporting attacks on Americans. Keep this in mind the next time that someone -- say, General Petraeus -- tries to tell you that the Shi'ites supported by Iran -- and not the Sunnis supported by, say, Saudi Arabia -- are the problem.

Update: I was only able to catch about 30 minutes of Q&A between Petraelus and the Senate committee hearing his testimony, but I love the way Biden and Dodd called the General to the carpet. Here's hoping the rest of the Democrats follow suit.


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